Music at Joy Lane Primary School.
What are we offering that is so special?

Peripatetic Instrumental Music Tuition

This academic year we have had 63 pupils taking instrumental music lessons in school and more who choose to learn out of school. Thismusic is 14% of our pupils learning in school. We offer all of the top ten most popular instruments (ABRSM exam statistics) learned by children and three more instruments in addition. We have expanded from offering 2 instruments, to 13 instruments in just 4 years. There are local secondary schools offering less than this. Our instrumental lessons are taken by a wide variety of pupils – boys and girls, across Years 2 – 6, including Oysters classes. We have 9 children taking grade 1 or 2 exams in June 2017. A real achievement for them.

Classroom Teaching

We have a number of professional musicians (and many musical class teachers) at Joy Lane. Kent Music who give us funding for the delivery of music across the school are very keen on Whole Class Instrumental Tuition as a way of bringing the costs down and giving the experience of ensemble playing, but the ambitiousness of having 30 children all playing a loud instrument at the same time shouldn’t be underestimated. We have developed a programme where class teachers offer Ocarinas (1 term for Year 3) and Recorders (1 term in each of Years 4-6) Having experienced music specialists here also allows us to offer whole class guitar tuition for a term in Year 5, culminating in a 60 piece pop ensemble of children of mixed musical experience. Year 3 also benefit from whole class glockenspiel tuition, which contributes to build a 90 piece ensemble of mixed instruments at the end of their project. We have consciously brought KS3 ideas and expectations of standards down into KS2. The ‘Firework’ (Year 5) project would be typical of Year7.  In our Oyster provision last year we created two special sensory projects with the use of orchestral and electric instruments – double bass, cello, bass drums, guitars, microphones and a multitrack recorder. This culminated in a sharing assembly for parents where we combined pupil artwork, pre-recorded pupil sounds and live instruments to share an ‘At The Beach’ experience. This year we have a music specialist offering weekly music groups.  

Notable Events

Music Off-Curriculum Afternoon – Every pupil and teacher performed to a huge audience of the whole school on our fields. A staff choir also performed accompanied by staff/pupil live band.

Lounge on The Field – Many staff performed alongside 70+ pupils on our field in July 2015.

Hockney Rock – Our first band began three years ago with 2 Year 3 boys and staff.

Light Up The Hall – A two-night sensory extravaganza in our hall, which showcased a high level of performance by self-motivated pupils as dancers, musicians, stage managers and technical support.

O2 choir – 55 pupils travelled to London to take part in the largest children’s choir event in the World. 

Lounge on the Field 2 – 3 stages this year. We have twice as many bands performing in 2017.

Tequila – Using professional recording equipment, the whole school, including staff rehearsed and then took part in recording sessions that produced our version of the 60s song, Tequila.

The events that we have staged here take such long-term commitment (we begin in Sept for a July performance!) and the huge amount of children who take part do appreciate the enormity of the event and believe it is worth working hard for. That is what we are so proud of at Joy Lane.


In the Curriculum Overview document (link below) you will see a basic outline of the knowledge, understanding and skills to be covered. How teachers organise, interpret and teach this may vary and is subject to change.

Curriculum overview for Music